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PostHeaderIcon Yacht Club Tower Panama brings you a Virtual Tour of Yacht Club Tower Panama on Balboa Avenue, Panama City, Republic of Panama due to be completed in 2009. A Strategic partnership between Zoom Development and Lynx and Prodigy International. Yacht Club Panama will by 57 floors high and offer 210 spectacular 1 and 2 bedroom residences with top-of-the-line finishes, starting from the 0′s. The sizes range from 1370 to 2220 square feet. Unit finishes include European style cabinets, stainless steel appliances, stone kitchen and bathroom countertops, ceramic floors, semi-private elevators to units plus designer faucets and fixtures.

PostHeaderIcon White Rock Christmas Sail Past brought to you by the International Yacht Club of BC

History of the International Yacht Club The Yacht Club was launched in January of 1958. A group of interested boaters from Washington State and the Province of British Columbia met in the City Hall at Blaine, WA The common interest then, as now, was to provide more moorage in the port for pleasure boats. The club’s first Commodore was Earl McKinney, of Blaine. Earl was succeeded by Eric Griffiths in September of 1958. Under the guidance of McKinney and Griffiths in September of 1958, the club brought pressure to bear upon the Port Commission. These foresighted charter members were instrumental in getting improvements in the harbor facilities for the boating community. The club has maintained this initial objective over the eighteen years since its inauguration. As a result the Island of Sucia, WA was purchased by a large group of boating clubs, including the International Yacht Club, and preserved for posterity as a State Park. Somewhat closer to home, but equally, thoughtful projects that the International Yacht Club has seen through to completion are: Fresh water piped to all docks — 1971. Overhead light installed on the public launching warf — 1973. Public barbecue pit — 1976. Apron around barbecue — 1977. Flag pole — 1977. Although the club was inactive from 1959 to 1970 it had one member, Myron Terry, who kept up the dues to Interclub, thereby maintaining the club’s Charter. Such foresight comes to a few people in their lifetime. Myron’s faith in the future of

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